Aluminum Fencing Auckland

Aluminum Fencing Auckland – Due to its durability, low maintenance requirements, and versatile design options aluminum fencing is a popular choice for commercial and residential properties. If you are living in Auckland and looking for the best company that provides you with high-quality Aluminum Fencing Auckland then King Gates is the best place that also provides you with installation services at affordable prices.

Aluminum Fencing Auckland

Welcome to King Gates, we are the leading player in the fencing industry. Our company offers a broad range of aluminum fencing options that are available in different colors, designs, styles, and functionality. Our company’s products are designed according to Auckland’s weather conditions. So, if you are looking for a classic picket design, ornamental accents, and a modern and sleek look then our company is capable of providing a variety of styles that suit your preferences. To learn more about King Gates and our services then here are the contact details dial 09 218 2182 and mail us at

What are the Benefits of Aluminum Fencing?

  • The primary benefit of these fences is that they are lightweight and this makes installation easier as compared to some other materials.
  • These are known for their durability, low maintenance, and resistance to rust and corrosion as well.
  • Also, these are available in a broad range of design options and fit various styles very easily.
  • Aluminum fencing is highly suitable for several weather conditions.
  • These provide the extra layer of security and keep your boundaries more secure without sacrificing your visibility. 

How Much is the Aluminum Fencing Cost in Auckland?

Mostly, these are chosen for their ability to withstand various weather conditions. In Auckland, there are sometimes unpredictable climates and these are the best option. The cost of this fencing in Auckland depends on the factors like the type and style of the fence, the height and length, the quality of materials, accessories, and customization, the complexity of the installation, labour costs, local market conditions, and the company you choose to work with, and many more factors. If you are seeking a cheap company that provides you amazing products and services under one roof then King Gates is here to help you.

The Following are the Steps: How To Install Aluminum Fencing in Auckland?

By following these easy and simple steps you can easily install the aluminum fencing in Auckland and any other location with tools. Here are the general steps that are mentioned below:

  • Check Local Regulations – First of all, must understand regulations, permits, and guidelines with your local council related to fence installation.
  • Gather Supplies and Tools – Aluminium fence panels, gates, posts, as well as any necessary hardware. On the other hand, concrete mix, level, post-hole digger, measuring tape, drill, screws, or other basic tools.
  • Plan and Measure – After that, you must measure the area where you want to install and also mark the position of the fence.
  • Dig Post Holes – Using the post hole digger and also the depth and diameter of the holes based on the height and local regulations.
  • Set Posts – Then insert the fence posts into the holes and fill the holes with concrete mix and let it cure as per the manufacturer’s instructions.
  • Attach Panels – It is based on the type of panels you have and after that attach them by using the screws and brackets. Also, follow the manufacturer’s instructions for proper alignment and spacing.
  • Secure Panels and Gates – Must check the alignment of all panels and gates and secure them in place with screws as well as other appropriate fasteners.
  • Check Level and Alignment – Ensure that the fence panels and gates are properly aligned.
  • Finishing Touches – Double-check the bolts, screws, and connections.
  • Clean Up – Clean debris from the installation process and also concrete curing.
  • Enjoy Your Fence – When your installation is complete then enjoy your newly installed aluminum fence.

Keep in mind, this is the general overview of the installation process based on the type of aluminum fencing you have, local regulations, and the manufacturer’s instructions. If you are not comfortable and looking for a trustable installation company then contact King Gates now!

Professional Aluminum Fencing Manufacturer & Supplier in Auckland | King Gates

King Gates is an Auckland-based manufacturing company working in this field for more than 20+ years. Also, our company is a well-established and reputable company providing high-quality gates for commercial and residential properties. Hundreds of clients are satisfied with the services of our company. One of the best things about our aluminum fencing is that it needs fewer maintenance requirements. Our company has a highly experienced and professional staff that uses quality aluminum materials that keep your fence in a pristine condition for several years. 

Furthermore, customization is at the forefront because our team knows very well each property is unique and which is why we offer tailored solutions to match our customer design preferences and requirements. Apart from this, our company also provides various types of gates that enhance both aesthetics and security. Those who are still searching for a trustable manufacturing and supplying company in Auckland, New Zealand then must contact King Gates.

Contact Details

Company Name – King Gates

Phone No. – 09 218 2182

Address – 47C Mt Wellington Highway, Mt Wellington, Auckland.

Email ID –

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Question 1. Is aluminum fencing appropriate for coastal areas like Auckland?

Answer. Yes, this is a good option for coastal areas because its resistance to corrosion makes it the most appropriate option for those locations that are near saltwater.

Question 2. Which company is the Reliable Aluminum Fencing Manufacturing Company in Auckland?

Answer. King Gates is the Reliable Aluminum Fencing Manufacturing Company in Auckland.

Question 3. Does King Gates provide Aluminum Fencing Installation Services in Auckland?

Answer. Yes, King Gates provides Aluminum Fencing Installation Services in Auckland.

Question 4. Does King Gates have different styles, colors, and designs of aluminum fencing?

Answer. Yes, King Gates aluminum fencing comes in several styles, designs, colours, and decorative options.

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