Automatic Gates Grey Lynn

Automatic Gates Grey Lynn – King Gates is a leading surveyor, supplier, and installer of high-quality automatic gate systems that are ideal for your home and driveway. Automatic gates provide security and convenience to homeowners who wish to restrict access to their property. Due to these convenient features lots of people are searching for the Automatic Gates Grey Lynn. If you are one of those who is looking for the best automatic gates. Then no worries because you are on a good article. 

Automatic Gates Grey Lynn

Nowadays automatic gates have become a popular choice for residential as well as commercial properties. Therefore our designers can incorporate automatic gates into your existing fence or design a new total perimeter security solution. Moreover, King Gates is a reliable and trusted manufacturer of automatic gates. We hire a skilled team of professionals to create a wide variety of stylish gates that give your property an aesthetic look.

We use the latest technologies and advanced types of machinery to create a variety of gates and we also help you in selecting the best choice for your home. Our design team and engineers are very experienced in their respective fields and provide automation systems that work and will continue to provide security and safety for you, your family, and your valuable assets. For further information, you can call us at  09 218 2182, or write us an email at

How Do Automatic Gates Work?

Here we mention some main features and benefits of installing automatic gates.

Pedestrian Opening Capabilities – It is possible to program automatic gates to open for both cars and pedestrians. You may therefore choose who passes and who doesn’t.

High Push Force – It is the amount of force that is required to break through the automatic gate to open it or to force it open. You know there are various types of automatic gates including slats, color, or tubular re-enforced frames. 

Solar Version or Low Voltage – Today modern automatic gates are low in voltage and are not power-hungry as compared to older gates. Automatic gate designs and efficiencies mean low-voltage gates are becoming the norm.  

Revolutionary Brake – Automatic gates come with a sensor system that makes them safe. Anti-Fatigue Cable Harness – Older gates come with pulleys and harnesses that wear more quickly than today’s modern gates. However automatic gate motors use an anti-fatigue gearing system to maintain the life of the product. 

Easy to Use – There are lots of potential settings available that help to run your automatic gates. But once the system is programmed then you barely need to think about it again simply press a button and use it.

Easy Setup and Program – You know automatic gates are easy to install programming automatic gates is accomplished once the installation is complete. King Gates also offers the installation of automatic gates. 

Security – These gates provide security to your property and an aesthetic look to your home and commercial building. Along with secure and robust fencing, you will have total peace of mind when you are away from your property.

Popularity of Automatic Gates

Nowadays automatic gates replace the manual gate system that does not require someone to physically open and close it. Now automatic gates come with sensors and offer a range of benefits, along with a range of installation options. These gates are programmed to provide access to pedestrians moreover, they save effort. Automatic gates open and close just by pressing a button. Therefore there is no need for anybody to open and close the gate. Moreover, automatic gates enhance security and convenience also either by sensors or through the touch of a button.

Installation of automatic gates in Grey Lynn and the surrounding suburbs is becoming very common and popular for both commercial as well as residential areas. These gates have been used for decades but recently automatic gates are popular and are mostly found in commercial environments. Automatic gates enhance security and safety while allowing vehicles or visitors access during required periods. So if you want automatic gates or any type of gates for your home or commercial properties then you can contact us. 

What are the Types of Automatic Gates?

In Automatic gates system, a sliding gate, or a pair of swing gates are commonly used. These gates are open and closed by motors. Moreover, these gates enhance security and add a degree of prestige and style to your home. Mostly six types of automatic gates are used which include slide gates, cantilever gates, swing gates, vertical lift gates, and so on. Here we mention a list of automatic gates.

Swing Gate Motors – In these gates motors are fixed to the pillars or posts that the gates are hung on. Therefore there is no need for anybody to open the gate because a force connects the motor to the gate and the motor then moves the force which then pushes or pulls the gate open or closed.

Sliding Automatic gates – These gates slide into space to one side of the gate entrance that must be longer than the full width of the gate. These sliding gates are run on wheels mounted to their underside. 

Cantilever Sliding Gates – These gates also operate like sliding gates but don’t run along tracks. Cantilever gates are weighted on one side to allow the weight of the gate to be suspended off the ground. Therefore these gates are to be used on wider openings and they are often chosen for industrial use. 

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Question 1 – Can automatic gates be opened manually?

Answer – After unlocking the arm mechanism you can open the swing gate manually but you may need to pull on the articulated arm.

Question 2 – What is the difference between a manual gate and an automatic gate?

Answer – Automatic gates offer an automatic opening and closing system, on the other hand, manual gates require a person to manually open the gate.

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