Is Aluminium Fencing Better Than Timber Fencing

Is Aluminium Fencing Better Than Timber Fencing?

Is Aluminium Fencing Better Than Timber Fencing? – Providing fencing to your property is commonly chosen by everyone for providing privacy and security to your property. This will keep your children and pets inside the property and keep unwanted intruders out. Wooden and timber fences have been popular for many years in NZ but now lots of options are available today. We can say that many types of fencing materials are available in the market. But it is difficult to decide which is the best for your home. In this article we mention about Is Aluminium Fencing Better Than Timber Fencing? We hope this article will answer your questions regarding aluminium fencing so keep reading this article. 

Is Aluminium Fencing Better Than Timber Fencing

There are dozens of styles of fencing available in the market and they are made by using only two main materials metal and wood. So when it comes to choosing what is right for you then you must know about crucial factors that will define the lifespan of your fence. If you compare an aluminium vs timber fence for your property. If you have always considered timber fences for your property then we say that there are several alternatives you should seriously consider before deciding. These alternatives are much better choices when it comes to safety and durability. According to our opinion aluminium fencing is one of the best alternatives to your timber fencing. In this blog, we are going to do a heart-to-heart comparison of aluminium vis timber fencing options based on various factors.

What are Aluminium and Timber Fencing?

Aluminium Fencing  – Aluminium fencing has a reputation for being both light and highly durable and it is impervious to bugs and mould, and the coating for aluminium tends to hold its colour in rain windstorms and sun. Compared to traditional fencing materials like wood and chain aluminium and steel fencing offer exceptional durability. Aluminium fencing is more popular for its sleek look, free luxury, and of course unsurpassed durability. 

Timber fencing – Timber fencing is also a popular choice for homeowners for protecting their properties and enhancing the aesthetic looks of their properties. It provides an extra layer of security to your property.

Why Aluminium Fencing is a Smarter Choice for Your Property?

While choosing fencing for your property lots of alternatives are available. On the other hand aluminium fencing consistently appears as a standout choice among people.  Due to its large variety of available alternatives. It comes with a sleek and aesthetic look which provides an amazing appeal to your property. Moreover, it is popular for its longevity and aesthetic appeal and a range of additional benefits and advantages.

Aluminium fencing is more durable – There are lots of factors that affect your fence’s durability including which rainstorms UV rays and winds are common. Wooden and timber fences are not able to survive extended moisture or intense summer heat. These fences are easily toppled over by strong winds on the other hand aluminium fencing is effective in withstanding all these elements.

Aluminium fencing is cost-effective – Usually, timber fences are cheaper than aluminium and easily cut and hammered together. Even you don’t need to hire a carpenter if you know how to do it yourself. You need to maintain your timber fencing over time and they have a short lifespan as compared to aluminium fences.

Aluminium fences are easily installed – Installation of a fence is a hectic process and you can install aluminium fencing is far quicker and easier to install. Usually, timber fences are installed by contractors and carpenters and it takes a lot of time to install. On the other hand, aluminium fences come in premade panels and they are faster to install and each piece looks the same. 

Aluminium looks more elegant and sleek – Installing fencing provides, proactive features to your home or property and it also improves the appearance of your property. So when it comes to which is better-looking timber or aluminium so, we can say that there is a little bit subjective. Lots of people choose timber because it looks warm and earthy and suits homes with the same interior styles.

 Moreover, you can easily paint timber fences with different colours or designs.

On the other hand, aluminium fencing might appear cold and unwelcoming but it has its beauty. So aluminium fencing is the best choice for your home and property. Moreover, if you have a minimalist-designed home, then aluminium is the best choice for you.

Aluminium fencing offers more security – These fences come with pointed tips that prevent people or animals from climbing over them and timber is malleable and can easily be circumvented. So we can say that aluminium is much more secure and sturdier than timber fences.

Aluminium Fencing vs. Timber Fencing

When it comes to maintenance of fencing then aluminium fencing is the winner. Because they are easily maintained by you and are strong and durable as compared to timber fencing. On the other hand, timber fencing is cheap and costs more in the long run. Aluminium fencing comes to withstand extreme weather, intense sun, and generally anything mother nature can throw at it.

Wood fencing takes a lot of time to install especially when your contractor creates the fence from scratch. Even if you are getting standard woods for fencing there are many ways in which things can go wrong.  On the other hand, aluminium fencing comes with premade panels. Which makes it easy to install and each piece is perfectly uniform and designed to work as a part of the whole. It is a simple process for the professional installer and there is little chance of ruining the various parts of the fence.

Wood fences are made with planks and pickets with space. Which can give less privacy you can invest in a wood privacy fence that closes the gap. Aluminium fences come in standard with space between the vertical pockets on each panel which means your property will be visible. It is great for you if you want to keep the view from your yard but not so great for complete privacy.


The difference between timberland aluminium fencing will ultimately depend on your preferences, taste and specific requirements. In this blog, we discuss whether Is Aluminium Fencing Better Than Timber Fencing. However, considering key factors such as budget, aesthetics, durability, maintenance, and environmental impact the case for aluminium fencing appears stronger than timber.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Question 1 – Is aluminium fencing better than timber fencing?

Answer – When you consider factors for maintenance and labour then aluminium fencing is a winner because aluminium fending is hands down easier to maintain. Moreover, it has long span life of about 30 years as compared to timber fencing.

Question 2 – Is aluminium stronger than timber?

Answer – Timber is a naturally strong material but it is not as strong as aluminium. So we can say that aluminium is stronger than timber.

Question 3 – Is aluminium more expensive than timber?

Answer – A wood fence usually costs less as compared to the aluminium fence and they require much more maintenance moving forward and will eventually need to be replaced. The upfront cost of a wooden fence is cheaper than aluminium but other factors impact the total cost of ownership over the life of the fence.

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