Swing Gates Manufacturers In Auckland

Swing Gates Manufacturers In Auckland – Are you living in Auckland and looking for Swing Gates Manufacturers In Auckland? If yes, then no need to look further than King Gates. We are one of the leading gate manufacturers in Auckland. Also, we have many years of experience and a skilled team who 24/7 hour available for customer services. If you are searching for the latest models of swing gates that look premium and are technically advanced, then join hands with King Gates.

Swing Gates Manufacturers In Auckland

King Gates is a well-known gates manufacturing company in Auckland that offers wide and premium quality gates at very affordable prices. We have more than 20 + years of expertise in manufacturing, engineering design, and installation. If you want to increase the safety and security of your home or business place, then get in touch with King Gates by calling us at 021 574 775 or drop an email at sales@kinggates.co.nz

Top Swing Gates Manufacturers In Auckland | King Gates

King Gates offers amazing gates at very affordable prices in Auckland. We offer top-notch quality gates to our customers. King Gates has experienced and skilled staff that provides full support to its customers. Ash’s most recent business venture, Ashtec Louvers, and now KING GATES AUCKLAND, were both founded on the foundation of his prosperous company Auckland Gates. His mission is to provide his clients with finely crafted, well-fitting, and aesthetically pleasing fencing and gate solutions at an affordable price. In addition to his engineering trade certificate, he holds certifications in contract management and measurement. Since he has experience working with a wide variety of building materials, including CNC aluminum cutting gear, we can bring a unique touch to all of our clients’ designs, resulting in the creation of useful elements for homes. If you are looking for quality Swing Gates Manufacturers In Auckland, then join hands with King Gates.

  • Affordable
  • Experienced
  • Skilled Staff
  • Premium Quality
  • 100% Customer Satisfaction
  • Using Quality Metal
  • Wide Range Of Gates
  • Free Installation Service

Essential Tools For Gate Installation In Auckland 

Power Drill And Drill Bits

Power drills and their associated bits are useful tools for installing screws and other hardware. Drilling pilot holes is necessary. Make sure the drill has enough power and torque for each task, and that the size and type of drill bit you’re using is acceptable. A cordless drill or impact driver can be quite helpful since they’ll allow you to move about freely and enter tight spaces.


To make sure the gate is level and correctly aligned, a level is necessary. Make sure the level you select is robust enough to endure weather and frequent use. Throughout the installation procedure, use the level to verify that the gate and its posts are aligned both horizontally and vertically.


A saw is needed for any wood, metal, or other material that needs to be cut to size. By choosing a strong, sharp blade, you can ensure that the saw you choose can handle the thickness and hardness of the materials you’re working with. Using the saw, cut the gate posts, rails, and any other components to size by your specifications.

Spanner set

Securing nuts, bolts, and other hardware requires the use of a spanner set. For versatility in handling various tasks, select a set of spanners that come in a range of sizes and varieties. To tighten any other hardware that needs to be tightened, including the bolts holding the gate hinges and lockset in place, use the spanners.

Screwdriver set

Installing screws and other hardware can be facilitated by the use of a screwdriver set. To ensure you can handle any work, make sure the set you select includes a variety of screwdriver sizes and styles. Screwdrivers are needed to install the screws that hold the gate hinges, lockset, and latch in place. Any additional hardware that has to be screwed in should also be installed.

Trusted And Experienced Swing Gates Manufacturers In Auckland | King Gates

King Gates is a skilled and experienced company that produces a wide range of gates and serves all of Auckland. This company has been around for more than 20 years. Additionally, our company creates gates in a variety of hues, patterns, and sizes to complement each customer’s taste and architectural style. Our company’s area of expertise is providing gates for residential and commercial buildings. Additionally, our gates have several security features, such as automation systems with keypads, remote controls, and intercoms, all of which safeguard your property. In all of Auckland and New Zealand, King Gates also offers installation services. If anyone is looking for Swing Gates Manufacturers In Auckland, then join hands with King Gates.

Contact Details 

Company Name – King Gates

Phone No. – 09 218 2182

Address – 47C Mt Wellington Highway, Mt Wellington, Auckland.

Email ID – sales@kinggates.co.nz 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Question 1. Who is the leading manufacturer and supplier of gates in Auckland?

Answer. King Gates is the leading manufacturer and supplier of gates in Auckland.

Question 2. Who is the best Swing Gates Manufacturers In Auckland?

Answer. King Gates is the best Swing Gates manufacturer in Auckland.

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